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Destress, Decompress and STILL Deliver

Keynote Speaker

June 25th at 12:30pm

Online Webinar

Computer Keyboard

BNI San Diego Presents: SPARK


Dr. Jaz Roemer L.Ac. will present on the importance of taking care of our mental, emotional and physical health. In order to provide our clients with great customer service, seamless experience with our business and be a fully present business owner--taking the time for self-care must take a priority.


This presentation will include a discussion on burn-out as a business owner, the challenges we face serving in the various roles within our businesses and how to prioritize self-care while navigating the pressure to be “successful”. Participants will be introduced to stress-managing solutions, simple at home habits that can relax the body and mind, as well as suggestions to improve productivity. Topics that will be discussed include:  

Decompress & Detox

Sleep Hygiene Habits for Health

TechNeck - Managing Your Body

As You Work

Top 5 - Destressers to Your Daily

Work Routine

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