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Jade-Egg Class

Jade-Egg Class


This class teaches a​ multitude of techniques for developing a qigong practice to cultivate your sexual energy. Over 5000 years ago Taoist monks discovered one of the secrets of longevity –cultivation, refinement and retention of sexual (reproductive) energy (Chi or Qi). This energy is so powerful most of us have physically felt its presence and effect in our body. This energy produces life and our body generates it every day. It can be harnessed through self massage, breathing and visualization. This class is open for all levels of females who are interested in improving their sexual health. 

  • Designed for Women's Physical & Spiritual Health


    The Jade Egg Practice  An introduction to Vaginal “Kung Fu”:  Ancient Taoist Practice for Sexual Energy, Healing & Longevity

    ▪ Strengthen pelvic floor  ▪ Addresses incontinence and vaginal dryness  ▪ Rejuvenate sexual organs, increase libido  ▪ Preparation​ for​ and healing​ from​ childbirth  ▪ Invigorate natural flow of essential hormones 


    In this class, you will learn:

    • The history of these ancient Taoist practices
    • How to cultivate your sexual energy
    • Meditations to facilitate positive emotions in the body
    • Qigong exercises to move and circulate sexual energy through the body
    • Women will learn how to use the JADE EGG (Males will learn how to become multi-orgasmic)
    • Learn to share and circulate this energy with a partner at home
    • Practical applications of how to insert, maintain and continue your practice 

    Doing this practice can help/improve:​ ◦Sexual Dysfunction (E.D.) ◦Self-Love ◦Libido ◦Menstrual issues ◦Prostate issues ◦Fertility ◦Past trauma◦Headaches ◦Insomnia ◦Fatigue ◦Emotional Imbalances ◦And much more.. 

  • Details

    Date: Feb 9th, 2020 SUNDAY

    Time: 1230pm-330pm

    Location: San Diego Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture 420 Walnut Ave San Diego, CA 92103


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