Whether it's 30 seconds, 30 minutes or 3 hours, meditation of any length can transform you. Meditation has been known to promote relaxation, build internal Qi or 'life force' and develop deep compassion. Not only can it increase mental clarity, calm your mind and open your awareness--it can benefit the health of your body. It can ease such health issues as high blood pressure, anxiety or depression, just to name a few.



What type of Meditation is right for you?

Meditation has many faces. With so many traditions and practices to choose from, you may be faced with an overwhelming number of choices when you’re trying to find a meditation program that resonates with you.

Each has a specific purpose or intention. Even though they are different, each type has one common goal: self-mastery. When you master your mind, your life will inevitably transform in amazing ways. Any of these types of meditations can also be used to enhance your spiritual practice.

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