Telemedicine: Your Healthcare Available Now

Medicine can come in a variety of forms. Dr. JazHands offers a variety of options. Continuing your healthcare during this time is essential for your mental, emotional and physical health. take time to MAKE IT A PRIORITY to continue your sessions with the convenience of technology. 

Herbal Consult


Chinese Herbal Consult + Chinese Herbal Prescription (additional Cost)

Dr. Jaz will create a Chinese Herbal formula that is customized specifically for you. This session includes a full intake with questions about your health, a view of your tongue and an herbal prescription to be mailed to your doorstep.

Acupressure Self-Care (30min/60min)

Treat yourself with Acupressure Reflexology

You will be guided on how to do Acupressure self-massage on Acupuncture points to relieve ailments. While it's always nice to have someone else do the massage, you can still benefit from this modality to treat yourself. Packages available.

Wellness Coaching (30min/60min)

Personalized discussion about your current physical, mental or emotional state.

This is an opportunity to discuss how you are feeling and receive suggestions from Dr. Jaz  about what you can do from home. Whether it's a guide on navigating nutrition, exercise or meditation breathing techniques. Packages available

Private Qigong


Gentle, meditative movements to calm your mind and your body.

You will be guided through these therapeutic meditative movements and deep breathing techniques. Qigong can be done standing, seated or lying down.

Meditations w/ Dr. Jaz



Dr. Jaz has pre-recorded audio and video meditations for a digital download. Free content available also.

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