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What does the Jade Egg do?

  • Strengthen pelvic floor

  • Addresses incontinence

  • Decreases vaginal dryness

  • Rejuvenates sexual organs, increases libido

  • Increases sexual pleasure and orgasms

  • Preparation for and healing from childbirth

  • Invigorates the natural flow of essential hormones

  • Toning the pelvic floor supports the organs

  • Connects you to your sexual energy and spiritual experiences


The Jade Egg

The Jade Egg includes a multitude of techniques for developing a qigong practice to cultivate your sexual energy. Over 5000 years ago Taoist monks discovered one of the secrets of longevity –cultivation, refinement and retention of sexual (reproductive) energy (Chi or Qi). This energy is so powerful most of us have physically felt its presence and effect in our body. This energy produces life and our body generates it every day. It can be harnessed through self massage, breathing and visualization.


Dr. Jaz offers an online, pre-recorded on-demand course for your Jade Egg Instruction. Scroll down to view some of the content included in the course and access a blog post about the Jade Egg. Click on the button below to go the the course page for more details. 

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