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Jade Egg - What is it?

Updated: May 31, 2020

An Introduction Ancient Taoist Practice for Sexual Energy, Healing & Longevity

The Jade Egg practice is designed for women's physical health & spiritual development.

What does the Jade Egg do?

  • Strengthen pelvic floor

  • Addresses incontinence

  • Decreases vaginal dryness

  • Rejuvenates sexual organs, increases libido

  • Increases sexual pleasure and orgasms

  • Preparation for and healing from childbirth

  • Invigorates the natural flow of essential hormones

  • Toning the pelvic floor supports the organs

  • Connects you to your sexual energy and spiritual experiences

The Jade Egg includes a multitude of techniques for developing a qigong practice to cultivate your sexual energy. Over 5000 years ago Taoist monks discovered one of the secrets of longevity –cultivation, refinement and retention of sexual (reproductive) energy (Chi or Qi). This energy is so powerful most of us have physically felt its presence and effect in our body. This energy produces life and our body generates it every day. It can be harnessed through self massage, breathing and visualization.

Pelvic Floor Weakening

There are a number of causes for pelvic floor weakening. Like any other muscle in the body, the aging process can decrease the function of the pelvic floor over time without regular strength training. Giving birth is a beautiful experience, however the aftercare is an essential part of recovery. The excess weight and pressure on the pelvic floor can compromise it's function, not to mention the loosening of the tissues to create space in the pelvis during pregnancy and the birthing process. Trauma events causing physical and psychological injury can be a detriment to pelvic floor health.

Indications that you have a weak pelvic floor are the inability to hold in urine when you sneeze, jump, laugh, cough or exercise.

Why Use the Jade Egg?

The Jade Egg (or the more popular term "Yoni Egg") enhances the efficacy of Kegel exercises by giving the muscles an object to grip and tense around. It also stimulates Reflexology Points inside the vagina. This practice can also increase sexual pleasure and energize the qi inside your body. This practice dates back to the concubines of ancient China, and secret techniques to stay healthy and sexually in tune with their bodies.

Is It Dangerous?

It can be with much of the misinformation circulating around on the internet. It's important you learn these precious teachings from ancient cultures with a PROFESSIONAL instructor. What makes it dangerous is improper instruction, improper cleaning and maintenance and improper use. The lack of appropriate information is how someone could harm themselves.

How Can I Learn the Jade Egg?

Dr. Jaz offers classes in San Diego periodically. This blog is an excerpt from her Jade Egg class. Currently she is working on a web-series to be able to access from your device or computer, where ever you may be in the world. Stay tuned.


Dr. Jacintha ‘Jaz’ Roemer LAc. is a certified Universal Healing Tao Medical Qi Gong instructor with over 16 years of Massage Therapy experience. As a Doctoral graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbologist -- Dr. Jaz is also educated in a variety of massage modalities including Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Circulatory Massage and Tuina as well as her specialty--Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage. Her office is located in the San Diego area where she lives, practices and offers courses.

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