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Covid at A Distance; How to Help a Loved One From Afar

Recently, a patient reached out asking for support for their daughter overseas. Before responding I considered how frustrating that must be for a parent to be so far away and not have the ability to be there for a child, especially during a time of crisis. However, this patient took action and emailed me a question about what I could suggest for someone afar. Grateful for the opportunity to support my patient, and aid their daughter, I offered the suggestions below. With permissions I share this with you as an example of exploring resources and sharing them. Names have been changed for privacy.

Good morning Dr. Jaz,

My daughter who lives in London has recently contracted covid. She is experiencing “brain fog” and fatigue in addition to the more common cold symptoms. Any suggestions?

Hello Marcella,

Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry to hear she got covid. Yes, brain fog and fatigue are common symptoms that show up and often remain for quite some time. What I would recommend the most is getting her to be drinking Chinese Herbs (which can be mailed or dropped shipped to her). Without more details, it's difficult to be able to customize exactly what she needs based on her health history. However, if she's interested in an Herbal Consult Telehealth session, I could certainly offer more individualized support for her specific experience of covid.

In the meantime, if she's looking for support in other ways to aid her immune system - I recently co-authored a book about this exact thing. You may have heard me mention it: Herbs, Immunity, Health. It was written in response to a lack of resources being mentioned in the mainstream media for how individuals can help their immune system or viral infections - from home. I suggest she download the Kindle version of the book ($1.99) for immediate access. Great resources available inside the book for her to take steps toward improving her health at home. It includes suggestions for herbs, teas, food, acupressure & other at-home remedies. The back of the book we have a section called: "What To Do When" and list home remedy suggestions for a series of common symptoms.

A second resource I suggest is an eBook called: Biohacking Brain Fog. Here, the co-author and I discuss some of the causes of Brain Fog and suggested solutions to relieve some of those symptoms.

Below are some general suggestions that could possible help her more immediately:

  • Sweat it out, hot bath, hot shower, hot tea.

  • Eat only warm foods; soups, broths, steamed vegetables - stay away from dairy/fast food/greasy food/alcohol - as those foods/drinks tend to add to brain fog and fatigue.

  • Peppermint tea should help with some of the symptoms.

  • Staying hydrated add lemon in water for nutrients.

  • Yoga breathing exercises - most people resist this part because it's uncomfortable and difficult. However, your brain needs oxygen to think clearly, as does every single cell of the body need oxygen to function properly. Covid impacts the ability to breathe efficiently and effectively. Doing these intentional breathing exercises therefore increases lung capacity, improving oxygen absorption and relieving brain fog and low energy levels.

I hope these suggestions help and give her a place to start. Please let me know if you or she have any questions about the above. If she'd like to schedule a Telehealth, she can do so here. Or she can read more about this on our website

Forward in Health,

Dr. Jaz

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